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We’re all patients!

And built a solution which all patients deserve.


     A connected medical device at your home allows instant access to professional healthcare services.


How about being Always Connected to a dedicated medical team?

Our problems  as  patients 

Patients suffering from a chronic disease live with the awareness that, one day, their condition may deteriorate, and that deterioration may have fatal consequences for them. At the same time, they have no certainty that such a deterioration will be detected.

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Patients harmed during the primary

and ambulatory healthcare

"Medication errors are a leading cause of injury and avoidable harm in healthcare systems"

"Diagnostic errors occur in outpatient care settings, more than half of which have the potential to cause severe harm.

Most people will suffer a diagnostic error in their lifetime"

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"86% of deaths in the EU are due to chronic conditions... If managed in time most of these deaths could be prevented"                                                                   


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Most sophisticated medical wearable on the market

Provides unmatched quantity and quality of physiological data 

As a result, you get medical services that outperform the current alternatives without leaving your home.

Our set of wearable devices provides such a quantity and variety  of physiological information to healthcare professionals, that  outperforms the majority of the  offline medical equipment  currently used in healthcare 

We offer high-resolution extensive continuous screenings of more than 200 digital biomarkers compared to 10 - 15 minutes offline office examinations, so our medical services are not simple replacements. They are significant improvements in the quality and quantity of care.

Checkpointcardio services are designed to ease the patient's confusion and frustration by virtually guiding them throughout their whole journey from disease detection through therapy management, prescription, drug delivery, and direction to the following care points - all the way till the end of the clinical process.


    Chronic conditions such as Cardiac,  Heart failure, Hypertension, Cancer and others are hard to manage.
Checkpointcardio remote patient management services make handling them easier.

    If you do not want and have no time to wait for the reimbursement decisions of the policymakers, you can order and subscribe to the Always-Connected remote services NOW.


1. Order a device and choose a subscription plan



2. Our remote medical team will contact  and enrol you in the system


3. You will receive the smart wearable medical device in your home, and our team will guide you through the next steps.

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For chronic patients, we deliver better and longer life 

For elderly patients, we deliver improved health and safety 

Chronic heart failure patients' average life expectancy after diagnosis is five years. 


  We can add years of life through real-time disease and therapy management, filling all the gaps in the current healthcare delivery. 

The same applies to most chronic conditions when using high-resolution and connected continuous care services.

    Older people often have more than one condition and are burdened with frequent changes in their health, which requires regular consultation. Current healthcare delivery is not equipped to track the disease progression in real-time and prevent deterioration events through timely therapy adjustment.

Our solution is designed exactly for filling those gaps and moving with the flow of the twists and turns of the condition changes.

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